Friday, July 24, 2009

Tour de Coop Schedule Tomorrow!

For any one who is interested, there will be a tour of a North Asheville Coop tomorrow from 2 -4pm. If you would like more details, check out the MeetUp site.


Brook said...

Unfortunately I am not in town-that sounds like fun. I do have a dilemma though-I have rescued a bantam chick that's beak was pecked and broken by a hen. The chick is still alive(it's made it through 2 nights and 2 days!)and I have been feeding it a ground up oatmeal mash mixed with a little bit of babyfood-chicken of course-the little cannibal ;). The beak seems to have set itself-a little crooked but there you go-before I could get it super glued. Anyway, like I said I am out of town but I need some pointers for this little guy from people who really care-and also if this chick makes it I'll need to find him a good home in Asheville- I'll be returning there the end of next week. First off though-any advice for taking better care of little Stevsie?

Asheville free range chicken rancher said...

hi brook,

i just now noticed your plea.
how is the little fella doing?